Board of Directors & Staff

Residents within the Santa Maria Public Airport District elect a five-member Board of Directors on a District-wide basis. Each member serves a four-year term. Responsibility for day-to-day operations are entrusted to the General Manager and supporting staff.



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SMX Board of Directors
Director Board Position Phone
Carl Engel Jr. President (805) 925-2771
Hugh Rafferty Vice President (805) 937-9334
Chuck Adams Secretary (805) 680-1102
Steve Brown Vice Secretary (805) 773-2640
David Baskett Director (805) 925-0999


SMX Staff
Chris Hastert General Manager
Veroneka Reade Manager of Finance and Administration
Kerry Fenton Administrative Assistant
Bill Noble Maintenance Foreman
Ric Tokoph Maintenance and Operations Manager
Raymond A. Biering District Counsel
Joshua M. George Assistant District Counsel