History of Santa Maria Public Airport

In the early 1940's, during World War II, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed what was then known as Santa Maria Army Base to provide training facilities for crews of B-25 aircraft. A few years later the B-25 groups left and the facility became a training field for P-38 pilots and ground crews. [continue reading...]




Airport Rates and Charges

Aviation charges - Includes all charges directly related to aircraft such as landing fees, customs, tie downs etc.

Non-aviation charges - Includes all charges and rates not incidental with aircraft operations.

Terminal charges - All rates and charges for facilities and services within the main terminal.


Employment Opportunities

There are currently no positions available with the Santa Maria Public Airport District



Board of Directors & Staff

Residents within the Santa Maria Public Airport District elect a five-member Board of Directors on a District-wide basis. Each member serves a four-year term. Responsibility for day-to-day operations are entrusted to the General Manager and supporting staff.

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